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  • I don't often review places. Usually I just don't think about it. But when I do it's because the place affected me greatly, either negatively or positively. With that being said, serenity counseling goes way beyond just helping people. Joseph, Karen, Kevin and the entire staff have had a profound effect on those they help, including myself. They teach so much more than just "don't drink/do drugs" like many other treatments centers. And it can be fun, in meetings people are encouraged to speak their minds and the truth without fear of official repercussions . They have extremely flexible schedules, to help with those who have busy jobs. They have resources to help you fulfill obligations like AA meetings, And to do them in constructive ways so it's not just a waste of time. This is a place where they genuinely care about you, and I cannot stress that enough. I'm writing this review after a year since I successfully completed treatment. And it continues to work. This is by far, the best option for anyone dealing with addiction, courts, or personal reasons. K.W.
  • Great staff, very involved owner. Communication is very important when dealing with a place like this, and these guys were awesome. B.B.
  • There's so much to say and not enough words! I literally picked Serenity out of a list of places and just knew it was where I needed to be. I had my first DUI and knew I needed to stop my cycle of drinking and smoking. I was in a bad spot in my life, living out of a camper, no full time work, lost my license and felt ashamed and embarrassed about my behavior. I was scared of what was ahead but knew I had to face it and do the work. I walked in and immediately felt good about being there. Everyone in the office is a person just like you and me. I felt the sincerity the moment I walked in. Meeting with Joseph was a day I'll not soon forget. Right away he made me believe that Serenity would be there for me and help me get through this tough time in my life. Thank you Joseph! Then I met my counselor Kevin...he's the best cheerleader ever and a great teacher! He always had a positive attitude and I could always see him thinking about the best way to respond to everyone's questions and needs. He's awesome! HIGH FIVE! Throughout my time at Serenity I always knew it would be work that HAD to be done and they would be there to help me. I learned so much about the how and why of not being able to get clean and sober and stay that way. 've always loved learning so the style of treatment was perfect for me. I met a lot of great people in RS meetings and group counseling and wouldn't trade the time there for anything. Serenity even stepped up during this stay at home time and made it possible for all of us to continue our treatment programs without interruption. All of you there are awesome. 'm going to miss the love, smiles, support and genuine caring for me and my life's path. So if you happen to be reading this review and want to know if it's the place you should go for treatment I say yes, I say go, nothing better for you than having clean chemistry and Serenity can help you through your journey. L.C.
  • Kind understanding and very knowledgeable about how to recognize a problem you may have in your life. Nonjudgmental and REALLY want to help you with LIFE, not just A DUI. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. D.H.
  • Best treatment center I've been in.... Anonymous client
  • EXTRAORDINARY! That about sums up my experience with Serenity Counseling Service. From my initial registration contact up to the "panel" presentation, I was in "awe" with the level of professionalism and the empathetic relations that Mr. Munson build along the way. "Heidi's Promise," while very heart-wrenching will now serve as my motivation and inspiration as I continue my sobriety and recovery journey. I know that 'heart-wrenching" is an understatement, considering the vibrant and promising paths that this young lady must have charted for herself and family. Heidi's Promise" have given a new and bigger meaning to the phrase, "ITS NOT JUST YOU!" A very big shout out the staff of Serenity Counseling Services, and a special thank you to Mr. Munson! C.T.
  • I found the staff to be empathetic and kind. The counselor had a great sense of humor that put everyone at ease. C.R.
  • The owners are passionate about helping their guests transform their lives. There are numerous miracles happening at Serenity Counseling. I highly recommend this agency! J.O.

Mission Statement

Serenity Counseling Services strives to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy serves as the primary component of our program, focusing on teaching individuals how to eliminate self-defeating thoughts and behaviors specific to cognitive functioning. Through education, structure and support, we equip individuals with the tools necessary to increase self-esteem and personal autonomy, in order to make healthy choices and live more enriched lives.